Sara Pomerance

  • BIO
  • My videos study well-meaning intentions gone awry. My lens observes the behaviors and psychological coping mechanisms of people around me.  Rather than psychoanalyze, I use the material to construct a narrative.  Through stories, I ask questions such as:  Does thinking positively actually change people’s lives?  Does following another’s advice in order to gain reassurance come at a price?  What purpose does it serve to talk about the weather?

    My video pieces are intended to function as shorts, but together, when shown in sequence, portray the complexity of individual and family relationships.  Contradictions found in everyday interaction are often paid little regard. I study birthday parties, dinner table conversations, and other occasions at times fraught with unwanted attention and tradition.  One person’s attempt at giving compliments can cause another’s discomfort.  Body language can betray words or vice versa.  The video medium can show a disparity between individual’s self-perception and reality as it can be observed through a lens.